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Just thought I’d throw this up there because I love it so much. It’s a video of Nickelback getting pelted with rocks. Below I answer the questions that Chad Kroeger asks the crowd. 1. “Have we got any Nickelback fans […]

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Music Video Of The Day

On my own blog I usually have a video of the day. Since this is a music website I figured I'd do a music video of the

Gaga Finger

Lady Gaga Pisses Off Beatles Fans

Well if there's one thing I've learned it's that Beatles fans tend to be a touchy bunch. I learned this the hard way when I told one


We don't need no stinking remakes. The Karate Kid has been remade. Why? Well this isn't about Hollywood running out of ideas but rather the

Hi My Name Is Coach and I’m a Next Blogger

Hi everyone! Some of you may now me from my guest DJ spots on the site. My real Name is Chris Rod but everyone seems to call