You asked for it. You got it. It’s Another NEXT Happy Hour and Homemade CD exchange. Please join us on Tuesday July 13th. We had such a lovely time the last time around so it only makes sense that we head back to Q in Port Chester. If you are on Facebook here is the Facebook event page.

Bring your laughter and your good times and your friends and your HOMEMADE CD. Yes you remember making those like this one for a Monday Morning. Well we’re bringing them back. Bring a CD. Take a CD. Then hang out. Talk music with other NEXTers (or are we BRO-thers) or just sit in a corner ignoring us while eating some awesome BBQ.

This time around we’ll have special and delicious treat for you. A surprise, if you will, of the acoustic live music type.

Festives kick off around 7:30 and go until Jeff kicks us out. Usually around 9:30.

A quick little video of the last time around

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