Another fabulous month of music. Please download/listen to the week and vote for your favorite of the favorites.



  • This is a great collection. I’m always able to find a few songs I need to buy on Next, but I could just listen to this show on repeat for a while. Mermaid Parade, Paris Ooh La La, Stay Lucky, Ready to Start, Next Girl……..awesome stuff.

  • Thanks man. I love hearing what listeners are digging.

    I don’t know how I’m going to pick an end of the year list. Half way through and I’ve got enough.

  • Yes Kris, as a listener to NEXT I always find not only a great song but that song lead me many times to great album.
    Recently Cory Chisel Death won’t send a letter, and previously great one from the Gabe Dixon Band and Delta Spirit Ode to Sunshine and many many more…
    Thanks, keep on playing.
    Ps I think World cup final will be Argentina. vs Spain

  • doc and rock…you well rock. Thanks again for listening. I love “Ode” such a great cd.

    Although that would make a brilliant final that can only be the semi-final match up. We’ll be finding that out today. Yesterday gave us the other semi-final match which is Holland v Uruguay. So one of them will be in the final.

    Today: Spain v Paraguay and the other match Argentina v Germany. The winners play each other in the semi-finals.

  • Thank you Chris for the clarification about the world cup.
    I am rooting for the Netherlands, but Germany has such a domineering team.
    Back to music, how about including in the monthly list the best cover of the month?

  • I’m with Sully on this, I keep it on my Ipod and listened to it a few times already. Although with my ADD it was hard to keep track of who’s who. Needed more breaks to catch up. Anyway we just recently canceled XM in the car and have some long drives ahead of us so we will be making some CD’s of your shows for the trips.

  • Glad so very glad that but all these best of’s are going to make my end of year list very tough.

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