Sunday 14 Feb 2016

Week 216

We are gathered here today…for great music. I hope you find a new favorite song. If you do please vote for it below. I hope I’m forgiven for this early addition to the website. I’ll see you when I get back from South Africa. Follow my adventures on Facebook or Twitter. Or Don’t.

We are doing Part 3 of our Homemade CD Mix/Happy Hour at Q in Port Chester on Tuesday July 13th.
Info via Facebook


here is quick video review of our last Happy Hour/CD exchange


  1. doc and Rock says:

    Thank you, 2 next show in one weekis even better. Did I miss week 215 or week 216 jumped ahead.
    Good to hear something new from Delta Spirit, they are great.
    Where all the nexters these days!!!!

  2. Chris Bro says:

    Just click on the general “radio show” tab up top and 215 should be there. Why 2 shows up right now? Where am I?

  3. Lisa says:

    Great week! Hard to choose a fave but in the end I think I’m giving my vote to moe.

  4. Chris Bro says:

    Thanks Lisa. It felt like a strong week. Kinda cheated with the “new” moe. album but I hope I’m forgiven. Do have to love the tongue firmly planted in the cheek by named the comp “Smash Hits”

  5. Kim says:

    Strong show Chris, 10 great choices out of 13. Love the moe song but voted for the Black Keys, have they ever recorded a bad tune?

  6. chris Bro says:

    Haha. So true about Black Keys. That is such a strong cd and band.
    Glad the week made you happy.
    I am back now so will be tweeting/Facebooking live again.


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