IMG_0949Finally. It took us a awhile to find the time but here it is. K Daddy’s show. Listen. Comment. Enjoy. He had fun making it and he brought me beer. Music and beer. It’s like he knows me. Well played young man.


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The Playlist
1) Cooler Than Me — Mike Posner
2) No Hope Kids — Wavves
3) Swim – Surfer Blood
4) Sushi — Kyle Andrews
5) Last Person – Jenny Owen Youngs
6) Modern Man – The Watson Twins
7) Across My Mind — Wiretree
8) Eleanor — Shannon Worrell
9) Jolene — Zac Brown Band
10) Lordy, Lordy by The Heatbox


  • Thanks Lisa. Glad you liked it. The Watson Twins are great and CBro said Surfer Blood is one of his favorite bands these days. Easy to hear why.

  • And I missed the last Next Happy Hour, but what are the chances that some Lisa’s Gourmet Cookies tag along with you to the bar?

  • I didn’t realize putting my website up here would result in a link, awesome, thanks Chris!
    I’m not sure if I can make it yet, but if I can (and CBro doesn’t mind) I’d be happy to bring some cookies

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