Just in time to get you ready for the charity concert on May 8th Coach has put together another show. Hear the bands that you’ll hear this Saturday.

Listen. Enjoy. Comment and we’ll see you at the Rack n Roll in Stamford CT on May 8th.


If But When – Never Change
MuteMath – Typical
Ten Feet Deep – Worry Out
The Cinematics – Love And Terror
Deadbeat Darling – St. Christopher Candles
The Builders and The Butchers – Golden and Green
The Shake – No Soul
Peephole – Rita Done Me Wrong
Ben Harper – Strawberry Fields Forever
The Tragically Hip – Gift Shop


  • Looking forward to Saturday night! Lead singer of If But When reminds me of Serj Tankian (mucho hearts). All the bands are great and can’t wait to see them live. Great lineup, Coach!

  • Thanks Lisa I’ll see you there. It’s going to be a fun night. There are going to be some good raffles that may or may not include concert tickets too. So bring friends and have fun!

  • I know, I’m always late to the game on these GuestDJ comments, but Rita Done Me Wrong is a great new one for me and Ben Harper is a great reminder of an excellent song.

  • No worries. That is the joy of having them online. You can listen/comment any time. Funny you should mention “Rita” as I’m throwing that on Next this week. Sorry I slept on it so long.

    Ben Harper is amazing. He should be on every iPod.

  • Thanks everyone for the comments. Rita is definitely a great tune that gets stuck in your head. The main guy in that band is named Kent and he’s very talented. He has a couple of other songs if you go to their myspace.

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