Star Spangles Next Concert

May 27, 2010By ChrisMusic 1 Comment

Some time ago Snapple sponsored a few “Next Concerts”. It was during this time in August of 2007 the Star Spangles stopped by Acme Recording Studios in Mamaroneck to play a few songs for a few Next listeners. I just …

Chat with Taylor of Dawes

May 21, 2010By ChrisMusic No Comments

Abby and Taylor at AcmeAbby and Taylor at AcmeYou have to hear these guys sing. In the current world of autotune and singers that can’t sing you need to experience Dawes. They have a wonderful great throwback, so-cal vibe. Plus they are good guys. …

Week 212 05.19.10

May 19, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 11 Comments

The last week before our end of the month “best of” show. So please listen then vote for your favorite song. Enjoy it all and hopefully I’ll see you at the homemade cd/Happy Hour at Q in Port Chester on …

Guest DJ K Daddy

May 17, 2010By ChrisMusic 4 Comments

IMG_0949Finally. It took us a awhile to find the time but here it is. K Daddy’s show. Listen. Comment. Enjoy. He had fun making it and he brought me beer. Music and beer. It’s like he knows me. Well played …

Our Beach/Boating Summertime Mix

May 13, 2010By ChrisMusic 29 Comments

OK group think time. Please feel free to listen/comment/add songs/tell me to drop tunes etc. Are the songs good but in the wrong order? Tell me. We’ll make the changes and come up with your warm weather mix.

Week 211 05.12.10

May 12, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 2 Comments

Listen/Download and vote. Let your voice be heard. Leave a comment. Give the good, the bad and the ugly. Love a song? I want to know. Hate a tune? I want to know that too. Seriously. Please and thank you.…

Guest DJ: Kris

May 11, 2010By ChrisMusic 7 Comments

Kris: Bass Player and DJKris: Bass Player and DJYou might know him as the bass player of Black Taxi now we get to add DJ. He stopped by The Peak studio the other day and recorded a treat for you. An audio cupcake if …

Guest DJ Coach Part 2

May 3, 2010By ChrisConcert Series, Music 7 Comments

Just in time to get you ready for the charity concert on May 8th Coach has put together another show. Hear the bands that you’ll hear this Saturday.

Listen. Enjoy. Comment and we’ll see you at the Rack n Roll …