Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to vote. Top song gets invited back next week for the end of the month “Best of” show.



  • I have to say… of my favorite Next episodes ever. Just a solid effort, from the Drive By Truckers to M. Ward to The Rifles to The Limosines……a tremendous listen.

  • Thanks everyone. It’s funny when I am putting a show together I think I know how it’s gonna be. A good show? A great show? A I need to get my act together show? I obviously know how I feel about the collection of songs but I’m not always sure how others will feel about it so I love getting the feedback. It’s nice to hear what others are thinking.

  • Great show this week Chris with lots of variety and fun for the whole family. The Civil Wars and Laura Marling tunes were very pretty, the Davis Coen song rocked, but I voted for The Limousines as that song put a big smile on my face. Reminds me of the MGMT song “Time To Pretend” with a catchy hook and very clever lyrics. I’ll be buying that one on iTunes just to hear the naughty version.

  • Thanks Kim. Seems like quite a few listeners enjoyed the show. I have my work cut out for me next week as I fill out the rest of the show. This is a good music month.

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