reel to reel
reel to reel
WOW…We are quickly approaching the 200th show for NEXT. I didn’t really notice until someone on this site suggested that I post the first NEXT show as a celebration. So travel back to the first show with me. Sponsored by Snapple. I completely forgot they were a sponsor. After listening to this NEXT show the feeling (not the tunes) has definitely morphed. Good/Bad? I don’t know. Oh and now that I actually remember the real NEXT birthday I might have to change my Facebook Birthday to the correct day.


We Are Scientists – Lousy Reputation
KT Tunstall – Miniature Disasters
Editors – Munich
Head Like a Kite – Pour Me a Drink!
Turin Brakes – Breaking the Girl (Red Hot Chili Peppers Covers)
Gomez – How We Operate
The Secret Machines – Alone, Jealous and Stoned
Donavon Frankenreiter – Move By Yourself
Drive By Truckers – Gravity’s Gone
Nada Surf – Do It Again
Mates of State – Think Long
The Little Willies – It’s Not You, It’s Me
Chris Whitley – Mountain Side (Flaming Lips Cover)

Thanks for listening. Please leave a comment. Or Don’t.
Enjoy it all


  • thanks Mike…for everything. Next wouldn’t have sounded half this good on show #1 if it weren’t for you’re studio magic. And we had to use reel to reels too. Thankfully we have computers now.

  • Just got this message via FB from Jon Merkin “would have a been a tough call for me, between Nada Surf, WAS and Editors”

  • Shannon you are so correct that I am a guitar man but I do love all kinds of music. Thanks for listening and loving NEXT.
    Funny story. I was just (JUST) asked by my 4 yr old “Daddy whats your favorite band with a guitar?” Classic timing.

  • Congratulations on 200 shows Chris, I doubt that people really appreciate the time and effort that goes into even one show. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting us put NEXT #1 on our iPods!

  • You said it Kim. It’s pure love though. I would be doing this anyway…hell all my life people have been asking me “what should I be listening too”.
    Before I put it up I was going to have a contest “Who could name the first song played on NEXT?” Or hell even just any artist on the first show wouldn’t have made a good question too.

  • Great to go back.
    I remember the end of the year 2006 show and Gomez took my attention.
    From there on I try to catch every next and download my favorites.
    I have may be 400 songs that I discover through Next.
    That’s how you operate and I like it.

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