Hello Lovers
Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to vote too. The song with the most votes automatically qualifies for Next’s “Best of the Month”. So pick your favorite then tell your friends, neighbors and loved ones to vote too.

Enjoy it all

The Soft Pack – Answer to Yourself
Dave Matthews Band – don’t Drink the Water (live)
Secret Machines – Like I Can
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Even Heroes have to Die
Peter Gabriel – the Book of Love (Magnetic Fields Cover)
Juliana Hatfield – Why Can’t We Love Each Other
Sting – Driven to Tears (Hope for Haiti Now)
Corinne Bailey Rae – Feels Like the First Time
Smashing Pumpkins – Widow Wake My Mind
Midlake – Acts of Man
Wakey!Wakey! – Got It All Wrong
Good Night States – Arsonist’s Blues


  • I’m not that big on celebrating things like that. Probably because I don’t look that far in advance (I’m trying to get through today) but that is a great idea. I like the replay of the 1st show. Sadly I don’t think that would work but maybe I’ll post in on the site.
    The best of my 200 shows would take a lot of work but I might post that online too. Let’s see where today takes me.

  • Ok, so I have Next on my weekly schedule, I d/l the show Wed. nights drop it on my iPod and listen usually on the way to work Thursdays. Anyway I can catch the stream live on Wed. night? If so, what time would it be here in AZ?

    Oh, and I liked the Soft Pack, Secret Machines, Peter Gabriel, Corinne Bailey Rae and Pumpkins tunes this past week.

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