We are trying something new here at NEXT: A Guest DJ.

Yes, you can join Victor as a Guest DJ. Collect 10 songs that you’d like to play. Email me and we’ll try to find a time that we can record your show. It’s that simple. Right Victor?

The bar has been set. Pretty high too. Well played Victor. Who is next?


The songs
1. How I Became the Bomb – Killing Machine
2. The Heligoats – Fishsticks
3. Fang Island – Daisy
4. Ponytail – Beg Waves
5. Har Mar Superstar – Tall Boy
6. Wussy – Muscle Cars
7. Dex Romweber Duo – Picture
8. Lily Allen – Chinese
9. Beatles – Sgt Peppers (Reprise)
10. Beatles – A Day in the Life


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