“It Might Get Loud” has a running time of 97 minutes but I could have watched for 197 minutes. Maybe more.

Yes, yes I know that is an “old” movie but I finally got to watch the film. I will blame my two kids (get all your movie watching in now Parents-to-be) and the fact that when we do get to a movie (rarely) Kate would rather watch a Sandra Bullock movie or some other Rom-Com. I know you’re saying “Man up Bro” or maybe you’re more of a “Grow a Pair” guy but really once you are married you figure out if the wife is happy the house is happy. We were supposed to see a preview of this film but life got in the way so…into the Netflix queue it went. I so do love when I don’t check my queue for awhile and a movie just shows up as this one did. A happy accident.

Anyway, on to this glorious film.

You know the characters. You know their work and yet the film is full of musical magic and surprise. Jimmy is a wizard, Jack is an old soul and The Edge is just cool. Pardon the use of only their first names. If you don’t know it’s Jimmy Page, Jack White and David Evans (The Edge). Watch the deleted scenes to find our what Edge’s mother calls him.

The film did a very good job of showing each guitar player in his element. It brings their past and present together in a very nice (but short) package. It seemed to me when the 3 of them gathered Jimmy and Jack were cut of same general cloth (the blues) and The Edge was an outsider. The Edge looking for perfection while Jack wants dirty. Neither is wrong and no one is right.

They have different goals for their music. They came from different backgrounds which affected their playing. They all want to make the guitar sound the way they hear it in their heads.

It was so much fun watching the 3 guitarist playing, having fun and enjoying each others sound. If you are lover of music in general, you’ll enjoy this film. If you play guitar, this film is heaven on earth. Get it in your queue right now.

May you indulge me one “If Only?” Just how amazing would it be if only Hendrix were around for this film?

Short Q & A after film screening

Should we talk extras? Bonus Material? Hell yes. I told you I would watch hours upon hours of these 3 guitarists and that is where I get get my wish.

I am sure you rarely check out the extra scenes but I implore you to “watch all”. The deleted scenes are fantastic. In fact, as I am writing this my little girl just came up to me and asked for “all the Princess movies we don’t have” because “I don’t know too much about them”. She is a rocker though and watched a bit of it with me. Her favorite was the “Seven Nation Army” deleted scene. Direct Quote “I like that guy” while pointing to Jack White. As formerly stated she is a rocker and obviously loves that dirty guitar sound.

One thing they should have included were the photos that were surely taken during the filming of the film. I would have loved a nice collection of those. A couple nice black and whites…

I think I will be buying this one for my DVD collection. This is a bold statement as the only films that recently have been added to the DVD library are Disney Movies, Animal Documentaries and other various Children’s films.

As mentioned above I don’t get to the movies that often but I might finally get a chance to see Avatar tonight.

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