I love my listeners and not just because of their wondrous musical taste but that helps. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to put together a bunch of great songs. You guys rock. Enjoy this mix from NEXT listener Dawn.


  • Well played Dawn…I’ll hear some crossover when my NEXT Best of shows air. 2009: Another great year in music. If someone tells you differently they are lying or not trying or listening to the wrong radio station.

  • Damn, not a single shared song on my list, and yet I love this playlist…..listened at work yesterday.

    It just goes to show you…..Mr. Bro needs to arrange a Next end of the year party where his listeners make multiple copies of their 2009 lists, exchange these mixed CD’s, and drink beer.

  • I love that idea. In the new year I’ll post something and see if we could get a few liked minded individuals to join us. Hell even if it’s just the 2 of us it would be fine. I like beer.

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