The NEXT Charity Concert Series had a good run at The Rack in Stamford but has been forced to look for a new home. If you know of a good place to host this event let me know (Hint Hint).

We had 7 Brilliant shows and raised almost $4,000 dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I think a good time was had by all that came out to any (or all) of the shows. Plus we helped out a lot during these trying times. Hopefully we can continue this thing again soon.

Thanks and Big hugs and sloppy Kisses to all the bands that helped out.
Please continue to support all of these lovely people.
Black Taxi
Derek James
Jukebox the Ghost
Kaiser Cartel
Matt O’Ree Band
Neil Nathan
Evan Toth
Rosewood Thieves
Ten Feet Deep
Jay Wright
Daria Musk
St Bernadette
Alan Semerdjian
The Bonesmen


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