Coach grew up in New York’s backyard and went to an all boys catholic high school in White Plains N.Y. His parents apparently didn’t feel it was necessary for him to develop social skills with the opposite sex. Given his solid “C” average and very low work ethic Coach then went onto Community College where he helped run his college radio station and fell in love with the art of broadcasting. It was at this college station where Coach would earn his moniker. At the time he coached youth basketball and would always have a whistle around his neck. Everyone at the college radio station began calling him “Coach” and it stuck. 7 years into community college Coach nearly graduated when the 107.1 The Peak radio station opened up less than a mile from his school. He began interning there before becoming the head member of the street team. This meant passing out free shirts and CD’s for minimum wage. After 7 years of community college this is what he was qualified to do. Coach hopes to one day be an on-air personality. Still waiting for the higher ups at the station to recognize his talent he now contributes to Chris Bro’s website as a release for his creativity and raw unvarnished opinions. Coach is not some sort of alter ego of Chris Bro’s. He’s a different person that really does exist. Chris’ and Coach’s relationship is similar to that of Oprah and Gayle. Except they are two white heterosexual men as opposed to…..well you get it.